Limbo: Morten Lassen

31 May - 30 June 2018 London

'My work is abstract and expressive, which means that I don't use sketches or other kinds of preparatory work before starting on a painting. My paintings develop as I am painting, and I work very spontaneously and intuitively. ' - Morten Lassen


Morten Lassen is a Danish abstract painter, based in Copenhagen, who has exhibited extensively in the UK, Scandinavia, Germany and Australia. He works in series on several canvases at a time, building up layers of oil paint in subtle grids of variegated texture and colour.


'Often the work changes dramatically during the process of layering. It takes four to six months to finalize a group of paintings and during that time the work undergoes big colour changes. It is these change that build the painting, and it is only because of the journey that the works end where they end. I can't skip the journey.'


Lassen's work has achieved a wide following. In 2011 the Wall Street Journal - in an article on contemporary Fine Art investment - hailed him as an artist 'to watch'. He has paintings in many public and coroporate collections including Danske Advokater; the Ministry of the Interior and Health; IBO, Herlev; Den Danske Bank, Haderslev and Ålborg Universitet.


The idea behind this new exhibition, titled 'Limbo', stems from a reflection around today's merging of our organic world with the digital world. Recent technological developments have changed people's way of thinking and interacting. Digital devices have become extended parts of our bodies and minds. Lassen's paintings look organic from a distance, but when observed closer, pixilation becomes visible in addition to lines interfering with natural shapes.