'I am interested in the way memory informs image making. I draw from a personal stock of impressions to make sense of them through painting. My early years as a child spent in South America and Southern California feed into my use of bold colour, as well as subjects that centre around water and the ocean.'
Ashley Amery is a San Diego born, London-based artist.
Her practice draws upon line and pattern making as a means of investigation. Ashley works on paper in fine detail to create beautiful paintings full of botanical and abstract forms.
The process of revisiting a piece many times and allowing it to build organically is essential to her practice. She uses gouache paint, a medium that has been associated with picture making for hundreds of years. Gouache creates a unique opaque surface that is perfect for weaving together pattern and form. 

'The Ashley Amery paintings are wonderful – they utterly lift my spirits. I am particularly drawn to the flow of water in some of them, and the combined sense of motion and lightness and joy of the natural world. They really resonate with some of what I love and value most in the world. Some capture the joy and wonder of our own experiences on pristine coral reefs, moreso than any photograph, film or painting I’ve ever seen. And certainly not literally, but instead enriching them with human spirit.' 

- Marvin Wickens



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