Jim Naughten is a British artist who explores themes of ecology and the natural world through photography, painting and stereoscopy. 
Often taking animals as the subjects of his boldly re-coloured dioramic photographs, or, 'digital paintings', Naughten's work seeks to highlight the reality of the climate emergency and the consequences of human activity on biodiversity. 
After taking his photographs, Naughten uses complex processes of digital manipulation to dislocate animals from their immediate natural environments. His reanimation of the image through colour additionally calls into question the role of the photograph as a means of providing a window onto an otherwise undisturbed natural habitat.    
Following his training in fine art and photography at Lancing College and later the Arts Institute of Bournemouth, Naughten's work has been exhibited globally, including solo shows at the Imperial War Museum, the Wellcome Collection, and the Horniman Museum. He has participated in group shows at the Royal Academy of Art and National Portrait Gallery in London.