Barbara Macfarlane: City to City

4 February - 8 March 2015
New York

Following two sold-out shows in New York and London, this will be Barbara Macfarlane’s third solo show with Rebecca Hossack Gallery. The exhibition will feature old favorites from her previous cityscape works, including Manhattan and Paris, and new perspectives on Venice and Brooklyn. The artist borrows from the methods of cartography to create her own language of lively stick-drawn ink lines, colorful oil markings, and thoughtful exposed swatches of her handmade paper.


“My method of working has always remained the same. First I draw with ink using a stick. This gives the painting energy as the marks are drawn fast and the type of mark cannot be totally controlled. The ink lines cannot be changed once they are drawn… I use a limited number of colors, sometimes only two or three in each painting. I see my paintings as minimal statements, which represent elements that I want to record,” says Macfarlane. “When I’m painting, I’m free.”