we are everything all the time always: An exhibition of aboriginal sculpture reflecting the cycle of life and death

2 January - 28 February 2024 London

This is an exhibition about a place, a space for spirits, and about objects that connect us with the spiritual dimensions of life.


The impetus for the creation of the aboriginal art works in this exhibition was to seek solace and confirmation through ceremony, and to acknowledge the importance of the spirit, not merely in humankind, but in all things.


The effect of these indigenous objects is testament to the universal desire of man to connect with the inexpressible and mysterious.


Aboriginal Australia is a continent of many nations. Its peoples have different languages, different customs, and different ways of making art; and it would be almost impossible to encompass the full wealth and diversity of aboriginal art in a single exhibition. The focus of this exhibition is on work produced at four communities in – or off - Arnhem Land, in what is known colloquially as the ‘Top End’ of Australia’s Northern Territory. It is an area almost six times larger than the United Kingdom.


All the works, in their different ways, were created to reflect our connection to the great cycle of Life and Death.

Installation Views