Silver: 25th Anniversary Exhibition

3 December 2013 - 11 January 2014
Conway Street, London

The Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery opened in Fitzrovia, Central London, twenty-five years ago. Since 1988 it has grown to become one of the most innovative and respected galleries in the Contemporary Art World - with two exhibition spaces in London and a third in New York.


SILVER is a specially curated exhibition that celebrates the diversity and the quality of work that the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery has championed over the past quarter of a century - with masterworks by artists as varied as op-art pioneer David Whitaker, collagist Peter Clark, tin-smith Lucy Casson, digital-print-maker Phil Shaw, PNG national hero Mathias Kauage OBE, and one of the founding fathers of the Aboriginal painting movement, Clifford Possum.


Australian-born Rebecca Hossack has gained a unique reputation for her impassioned advocacy of Non-Western Art. She has mounted ground- breaking shows not only of Australian Aboriginal Art but also of works by the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert, the tribal peoples of central and northern India, and the Highlanders of Papua New Guinea (much of this art would simply not have been seen in the UK but for the energy and dedication of the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery).


In its choice of 'Western' artists, the gallery has also set itself determinedly against some of the dominant currents of the Contemporary Art scene, celebrating the individual artistic vision, recognising technical accomplishment, and striving to break down conventional categories - as with its acclaimed exhibitions of work by jeweller Pippa Small, potter Ann Stokes, textile artist Karen Nicol or papier-mache sculptor David Farrer. SILVER brings together choice examples of work by these and other artists, in a celebration of artistic diversity and achievement.