Laurence Jones: How to Live in Los Angeles

1 October - 2 November 2019
Conway Street, London

How To Live In Los Angeles is an exhibition of fifteen new paintings by London-based artist, Laurence Jones, that focus on psychological space, and play with ideas of narrative and the cinematic in art.


The paintings, derived from first and second-hand photographic images of Los Angeles, combine reimagined modernist interiors and intense vibrant hues, blurring the boundaries between real and imaginary. Silent swimming pools and silhouetted palm fronds dominate the landscape, and the dazzling rays of a simulated sunset threaten to overwhelm us.


Jones’s work, of great formal elegance and technical mastery, asks questions about how one reads and consumes images, and how one makes them in the era dominated by photographic representation.


A signed print publication with full colour reproductions of all work in the show will accompany the exhibition.