Aether: Nikoleta Sekulovic, NYC

17 May - 9 June 2018

'Every single woman is different; the way my models pose reflects a part of who they are, expressing their personality. There is no pretence, no trying to act out, they are simply themselves, and that’s great. The way a women thinks she should look or tries to conform to an ideal of beauty should not hold her back from being who she is.' - Nikoleta Sekulovic 


Nikoleta Sekulovic is an artist and mother, presently living and creating in Madrid. Born in Rome to a German mother and a Serbian father, she has worked in London, Paris and New York, exhibiting across these cities. Sekulovic sold out her first solo show, held at the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery in London, 2017.


Nikoleta Sekulovic creates in the tradition of Odalisque portraiture and yet redefines her subject as both parent and muse. In a muted palette and void of props and distractions, the artist’s intent is to highlight the female form stripped of external expectations and in a state of authenticity, as opposed to more traditional expressions of sexuality. The looser lines celebrate the imperfections and irregularities of the human body and recall Egon Schiele's Vienna and the minimalism of Gustav Klimt's studies.