Constellations: Sheila Clarkson

1 March - 2 April 2018 London

Constellations is a series of new pastel drawings by British draughtsman Sheila Clarkson.


Clarkson chooses to depict the contrasts of light and shade in the natural world using white pastel on black paper. She picks the light out of the darkness, as opposed to filling in the shadow with charcoal. 


Her latest drawings are all derived from her observations out of doors, rather than relying on light recorded through photographs. As the light shifts, Clarkson's mark-making captures its essence. The light is plotted roughly, and these sketched lines inform the final drawing back in the studio. Looking and watching are very active processes for Clarkson, and she defines her practice as 'light-mapping'. 


Constellations develops further the motifs of Clarkson's last exhibition. The play of light through the tops of trees and the way that it falls on water feature prominently. The artist also explores water as a surface more closely in drawings of the sea at low tide. This particular element required from her a speedier en plein air method, with her mark-making needing to keep up with the movement of light. 


Clarkson's work has been exhibited across the UK, as well as at the Art on Paper Fair in New York. This is her second exhibition with the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery.