I Tend My Flowers for Thee

Emily Dickinson


I tend my flowers for thee-
Bright Absentee!
My Fuchsia's Coral Seams
Rip-while the Sower-dreams-

Geraniums-tint-and spot-
Low Daisies-dot-
My Cactus-splits her Beard
To show her throat-

Carnations-tip their spice-
And Bees-pick up-
A Hyacinth-I hid-
Puts out a Ruffled Head-
And odors fall
From flasks-so small-
You marvel how they held-

Globe Roses-break their satin glake-
Upon my Garden floor-
Yet-thou-not there-
I had as lief they bore
No Crimson-more-

Thy flower-be gay-
Her Lord-away!
It ill becometh me-
I'll dwell in Calyx-Gray-
How modestly-alway-
Thy Daisy-
Draped for thee!


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