New Representation: Luke White

The Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery is pleased to announce its representation of the British photographer, Luke White. 
Luke White creates large-scale photographic images which use elements of digital collage to challenge the expectations of figurative representation.
White's experimental practice seeks to challenge our understanding of the photograph as the product of an instantaneous process. Once the initial photographic images have been taken, White constructs his compositions through a painstaking procedure of digital collage; the compositional reconstructions that result from this experimental process are both instinctive and considered. 
White's arrangement of photographic frames within the composition call into question both the permanency of the photograph, and its documentary aims. Through this subversion, White lends different meanings to his subjects.
Two works from Luke White's most recent Stephanie series - Stephanie 1 Diptych and Stephanie 5 - will be on display at the gallery at 2a Conway Street, Fitzroy Square, London, W1T 6BA, from Friday 16 September 2022. 
16 September 2022