Todo Sirve: Edgardo Rodriguez

1 - 30 April 2015 London

Born in Argentina in 1942, Edgardo Rodriguez' art is driven by repossession and sustainability. In a meticulous model of recycling, Rodriguez transforms the process of decay for waste materials, namely plastic bottles, redefining them as aesthetic products and building blocks for decorative sculpture. This conversion process has special value for the artist - with a past exhibition entitled Chamanes, translating as 'Shaman', the artist sees his role of modifying the way his materials are perceived as a reflection of the key spiritual values of ecology.


Beginning his career as an architect, its theories and practices are resonant in the forms that Rodriguez builds, individual units of striking fragility fixed into lasting, intricate shapes.  An avid conservationist and collector of otherwise forgotten objects, Rodriguez creates structures of a controlled chaos, the composite texture of each sculpture held firm by his use of colour. Using the flora and fauna of his local surroundings as his subject matter, Rodriguez' recycled art both celebrates and protects the environment.