Double Dog Dare: Peter Clark

12 November - 7 December 2014

Rebecca Hossack Gallery is proud to present Double Dog Dare, a solo exhibition featuring new works by British collage artist Peter Clark. Incorporating found and vintage papers - postcards, sheet music, postage stamps, newspaper clippings, maps, and other fragments of historical record - Clark's mixed media creations have won him international acclaim. In his newest series, Clark presents an Americana twist on his most celebrated subject: dogs. Forties era advertisements, Lincoln's headshot, and an old Manhattan street map all make appearances alongside cigarette boxes, dart boards, and paper dolls.


Over the past decade, Peter Clark has built a reputation worldwide for his extraordinary work with vintage paper collage. Although most recognized for his images of dogs, Clark's subject matter extends across the whole animal kingdom (horses, tigers, bulls, pigs, zebras, fish) and far beyond it, to include suits, tutus, handbags, cameras, and teapots. Besides his unique collage pieces, Clark has also produced a small series of prints, individualizing each work in the edition through the inclusion of unique collage additions.


"I like throwing the wrong things together," says Clark. "If you have a map with contour lines, you can tear that and draw with the lines. You can do the same with handwriting. I've got old letters from the war when people would write horizontally and then write over that vertically, and its still legible."


Peter Clark has exhibited in London, Milan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Toronto, and New York, and his work is held in private and public collections around the world. This will be Clark's second solo show in New York, and his ninth with the Rebecca Hossack Gallery family. Double Dog Dare will commence on November 12 with an opening reception, and will close on December 7, 2014.


Mott Street, New York