Morten Lassen: A New World

7 - 31 March 2013
New York

With his new series of abstract paintings, Morten Lassen is striving to bring together our natural world with our digital world. These two worlds have been steadily merging into one, as social media and digital communication are becoming, for better or for worse, our primary means of communication with our social circles.

Working within a very traditional medium of oil on canvas, Lassen's very way of painting creates fields of tension and contrasts that spark and fly upon the canvas. Bold color fields and lines reflect the tension and turmoil that comes from the merging of these worlds. "Color composition, balance, and contrast are elements that I keep in focus and which are the building blocks of my painting process. The loose and spontaneous style of painting symbolizes organic life and the taut lines and fields represent the digital and wireless." In the abstract expressionistic tradition, Lassen's canvases are untitled to allow the individual to take in the picture and form his or her own story. No matter who we are, our lives are influenced by the digital world whether we are conscious of it or not. 


"A Conversation With Artist Morten Lassen" in the Huffington Post, March 21, 2013