The Luxury of Observing Luxury: Andy Dixon

8 - 19 October 2014 London

Andy Dixon’s unconventional use of colour challenges the parameters of his romantic, refined subject matter, breaking down its idealism to reveal alternative narratives and aspects. Informed by the great masters of the past- Rousseau, Matisse, Picasso- the Canada-based artist approaches aristocracy with grunge, shocking hues and a daring attitude to the application of paint.


The Luxury of Observing Luxury is an exhibition of seven related works, which, despite their contemporary tones, are empowered by art history. Dixon paints with Bosschaert’s Golden Era Belgium, Veronese Renaissance Italy and Barraud’s 19th Century England all at play by his easel. Just as his canvases are shaped by what has come before them, they are also influenced by one another. The two largest works contain smaller versions of the other pieces, an act of artistic cross-referencing. The paintings observe as much as the artist and viewer observe.