Year of the Horse: Group Show

30 July - 30 August 2014 London

Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery presents a vibrant exhibition exploring the majesty of the horse in a variety of thought-provoking contexts. Showcasing a complete portfolio of our gallery artists, the exhibition celebrates the animal across a broad mixed media canvas.  From Robert Bradford’s 6ft soft toy sculpture recalling childhood memories of rocking horses, to Rebecca Jewell’s Pegasus, a tribute to equine mythology structured from printed feathers, Year of the Horse examines its subject from every angle. Kate Jenkins’ crocheted Sea Horse and Pamina Stewart’s shell creations turn our attention to the connections between horses and seahorses, whilst Ian Penney’s hand-cut paper piece The Farmer’s Toast, Anastasia Lennon’s Tracker and Angus Macdonald’s lithograph Rationalised take the animals in their agricultural setting as their influence. Bob Tabor’s monochrome pieces offer the viewer an intimate aspect, whilst in contrast Alasdair Wallace’s work displays the horse in soft hues and unexpected environs. The exhibition was inspired by the plight of wild horses in America, who are becoming increasingly rare at the hands of land development and fencing. As well as this, the exhibition has come together in conjunction with the Chinese Year of the Horse. It seems there is no better time to celebrate our (other) four-legged friends.