In Another Life: Anastasia Lennon

24 February - 15 March 2014 London

'I am painting a persistent feeling, that cannot be adequately explained in words, of timelessness, a mistrust of reality as we know it. I want to interpret life, not as a sequence of events, but as a collection of memories that have a kind of universality. I am building this collection of memories with familiar imagery of natural features of landscape, contrasted by sights from the modern world - trucks, ghost-scrapers, building sites, petrol stations, nearly always deserted, sometimes not, but usually they are simultaneously nostalgic and subliminally post-apocalyptic. I know a painting is finished when I feel I have inhabited its landscape in some way.' - Anastasia Lennon


Anastasia Lennon's new paintings are delivered with deftness and a lightness of touch. She has summoned ghostly and atmospheric images with impressive economy. Imagery is thoughtfully accumulated within layered veils of paint, each layer adding to or all but obscuring the traces of previous workings. The scenes depicted, apparently convincing, are in this way subtly undermined and laced with notions of simultaneous realities and refracted memories. There is an irresistible nostalgia, unfettered by any strict adherence to chronology. Buildings, spare figures, old cars out of time, all convene as if in some anachronistic afterlife. Having been invited to disengage with the perceived idea of a fixed moment in time we are offered a beguiling uncertainty as to exactly where and when we are looking at.