Love Letter: David Frazer

6 June - 5 July 2022 London

Nick Cave's 2001 song Love Letter is one of the great ballads of its era. Recently, it has been the inspiration behind a series of images by renowned Australian printmaker, David Frazer. The prints have received Nick Cave's enthusiastic endorsement.


This exhibition at the Rebecca Hossack art gallery, brings together the suite of prints that Frazer created. They explore emotions of longing nostalgia and isolation through his depiction of both people and landscape. The prints are also a great technical accomplishment, manipulating both linocut and woodcut with an expert hand Frazer lends gravity to his subjects and the original lyrics of Cave.


Exhibited to great acclaim in Australia the Canberra Times described the series as having 'a mesmerising complexity that is seductive and intriguing'.


As well as his prints illustrating Love Letter, we will be displaying a new exclusive series of prints that have been inspired by Nick Lowe's song 'Lately I've Let Things Slide'. There will be an exhibition closing party at the Rebecca Hossack art gallery on July 5.