Aaron Murray: 102 Cups

1 May - 12 June 2019
Charlotte Street, London
Aaron Murray, Fossil Hunter Cup, 2019, porcelain cone 6 with shadow green and clear gloss glazes, stains and underglazes, 8 x 10 x 10 cm

American-based ceramicist Aaron Murray will present 102 owl cups made between mid 2018 to early 2019. They are created in a range of clays, using a variety of firing methods and materials to allow diversity and individuality to be the outlining attribute to each vessel.


His work is informed by the regional painting tradition of the North West Mystics, which is derived from a spiritual connection to nature. The making of the cups involves a transcendent experience of slowly building up layers of slip, stains and under glazes rendering a close visual relationship to the flora and fauna of the area. Many of the stains are hand collected by the artist himself at regional parks and beaches again reiterating the personal investment and connection to the subject matter. The unique presentation of each owl represents a habitat, an anecdote or an encounter. The owl suggests wisdom, truth and justice, which hopefully envelops the individual who drinks from the cup.