TRAVELLING SOULS: The Marine Art of Anne Penman Sweet and Tilemachos Kyriazatis

20 - 30 November 2018
Charlotte Street, London

The Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery's new exhibition, TRAVELLING SOULS explores the evocative depictions of sea faring vessels by British-born artist Anne Penman Sweet and Greek-born artist Tilemachos Kyriazatis.

What unites these two artists lies beyond the surface of their shared subject matter. Both Anne and Tilemachos have a deeply philosophical understanding of the world of shipping which imbues their paintings. The title of the exhibition, TRAVELLING SOULS, is how Tilemachos describes those who work on or travel by ships. He sees ships as representative of 'the endless human quest', mediating across boundaries and between people. A similar concern with the spiritual power of ships is seen in Anne's work. The ethereal backdrops and epic titles of her paintings stem from her belief that ships are 'vessels or carriers of spirit and myth, in that they carry a secret story or narrative with them as well as cargo.'