Arrivals: Mersuka Dopazo and Teresa Calderón

7 March - 1 April 2018

Arrivals is the second New York exhibition by collaborative Spanish artists Mersuka Dopazo and Teresa Calderón.


The artists' chosen media are handmade papers and fabrics, which they source from craftsmen across Europe. These materials, often densely patterned, are collaged together with gestural graphite line, pigment and areas of white canvas.


Generously proportioned, the collages explore the balance of colour and the relationship between positive and negative space.  Unexpected connections form between clashing textures and motifs and between the regularity of pattern and the free form of broken graphite and improvised colour. Contrasting modes of creativity are illustrated - rhythm and order versus sinuous spontaneity. 


Dopazo and Calderón's works have been exhibited extensively in the UK, the USA, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and Europe. Arrivals comprises nine major works which draw upon journeys, urban experience and times of transit. The exhibition coinicides with the Art on Paper New York fair, at which Dopazo and Calderón will also be presenting a special series of collages.