Shiver: Emma Haworth, NYC

18 November - 22 December 2017

Shiver is an exhibition of winter paintings by British artist Emma Haworth.


A painter of the urban scene, Haworth's oil on linen compositions are built from her meticulous observation of the ebb and flow of modern metropolitan life.


Her work distils the telling, individual detail - a crunch of footsteps in the snow and the beginnings of a snowman. At the same time, she captures a greater sense of the panorama - the weak, winter light and the way it falls on the New York skyline.


Haworth's paintings have received wide critical acclaim.  In 2010, she won joint First Prize in the National Art Open Competion, as well as First Prize in The Sunday Times Watercolour Competition. Frank Whitford, the Sunday Times art critic, and one of the judges of the competition, praised her painting, Snowy Woods:


'The rigorous structure recalls late-medieval, early-Renaissance composition - think of Piero di Cosimo, for instance - although I am also reminded of Bruegel's Hunters in the Snow. High praise, but not excessive, I think'.


Since then she has been awarded with the National Open Art Prize and has twice been runner-up in the Lynn Painter-Stainer Prize. She has also been shortlisted for the 2018 Columbia Threadneedle Prize.


The exhibition will include three major works of Central Park in snow, as well as a London scene and woodland studies.