Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery NYC: Grey Areas

4 August - 3 September 2017
New York

The Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery NYC presents a selection of black, white and grey works hung in salon style, exploring the elusive nature of 'grey areas'. Western and Indigenous Australian artworks will be shown in tandem, with tone and form creating unexpected unions and points of contrast.


Many of the artworks on display set up tensions between tradition and materials.  Bonfanti’s Concreatures blend plush soft toys with industrial media such as concrete and hardware tools, activating the tension between soft and hard, animated and fixed. Emily Filler’s Dreamscape paintings weaves together tenets of still life painting with abstraction into an ethereal painterly collage and Jackie Case’s graphite illustrations blur the line between whimsy and the uncanny.


Dr Phil Shaw will be represented by his large-scale monochromatic bookshelf, The Truth in Black and White with Some Grey Areas III, which brings together titles referencing the truth. Whilst the search for truth has occupied the human mind for millennia, Shaw’s work humorously highlights that for every book about the meaning of life, there is an equally dense volume devoted to the The Truth about Six Pack Abs, The Truth about Poultry or The Truth about Elvis.  The exhibition will also include a selection of Indigenous Australian black and white linocuts and prints from the Northern Territory and Fitzroy Crossing. 


Grey Areas highlights the intersections of varied artistic traditions and methodologies, the gallery space celebrating that which is undefined and enigmatic.