Morten Lassen: Integrated

1 June - 2 July 2017
New York

In his latest series of paintings, Danish artist Morten Lassen explores the interplay between the digital and the natural worlds.  


Through over thirty layers of oil and aerated paint, he brings together monochromes blushed with blues and pinks, electric neons, organic scratches and scribbles and loosely-worked graffito lines. Whilst his earlier series saw the flow of colour punctuated by vast black spaces with precise borders, Lassen's latest paintings capture a synergy between the electric and the organic which is more contemplative. As different colours merge, the two states move closer to a unification.


The exhibition, featuring eleven new works on paper and eight works on canvas, also marks the US launch of Lassen’s first book on his paintings and their philosophy.


Lassen's work has an international following. In 2011 the Wall Street Journal - in an article on contemporary Fine Art investment - hailed him as an artist 'to watch'. He has paintings in many public and corporate collections including Danske Advokater, the Ministry of the Interior and Health, IBO, Herlev, Den Danske Bank, Haderslev and Ålborg Universitet.