Australian Artists Month: Group Show, NYC

13 - 31 May 2013

During the month of May, Rebecca Hossack Gallery, Mott Street, will be showcasing some of the most reputable and rising stars in Australia's contemporary art world, including David Bromley, Emma Hack, Toby Burrows, Perran Costi as well as phenomenal Aboriginal artists, Lloyd Kwilla, Reggie Hoosan and the late Norman Kingsley.


Each of these artists have established international followings for their fresh and unique work: Bromley is a global artist who has gained notoriety for his nostalgic yet bold images which span from his idealized vision of childhood, to his more grown-up and striking nudes, all which reference the pop-art era which heavily influences his style. Emma Hack has become an international phenomenon following her artistic collaboration with Gotye for his worldwide no. 1 selling hot of 2012, 'Somebody I Used To Know', her images are photographs of her body-painted figures, which she blends into the often wall-papered background. Toby Burrow's photographs from his series 'Fallen' show a combination of freedom and fear as he shows a nude figure with her shock of red hair flying and falling through different Australian landscapes both perilous and free in their depiction and Perran Costi photographs other more recognizable Australian locations yet breaths light and life into them by creating light-boxes which effervesce beauty and vitality.


The Aboriginal artists, Lloyd Kwilla, Reggie Hoosan and Norman Kinglsey are also highly respected and established artists. Each has work in important Australian museum collections and international private collections. Their prestige continues to grow, especially since the recent Bonhams auction of the Laverty collection.