Title: Rob Tucker

7 September - 1 October 2016 London

For New Zealander Rob Tucker, paint is a sculptural medium. His works are constructed from layers of colour finished with surfboard resin, as everyday objects are huddled together to create new form. Planes of tone build up the background, suggestive of depth. And yet, replacing shading and contouring with bold painted lines, Tucker’s finish is naïve, almost two-dimensional - as sparsely suggestive as a Giorgio Morandi (1890 – 1964). Whilst he is fascinated by the relationship between space and shape, Tucker is foremost a colourist. Paint is scraped back and unpainted to reveal unexpected highlights, as his journey of paring back to abstraction is dramatized by the fragmented surface of the board.


In his latest exhibition, Tucker explores the relationship between colour and monochromes using enamel paints, and presents a series of sculptural installations, created from painterly objects arrange in still life formation.


Having recently relocated to Berlin, Tucker has held successful exhibitions in the USA, Asia, Australia and the UK. He has also exhibited at the Royal Academy. In 2015, he was celebrated by Vogue as a highlight of the Outsider Art Fair New York, and in that same year presented a solo show at Scope Miami Beach. This is his second exhibition in London.