Please Touch!: Pablo Bruera

3 June - 11 July 2015 London

'Eppur si muove!

But it moves!


Craft mechanisms in harmonic balance invite handling, search and play. Links are made within scientific models explaining the movement of planets. Science and research involve games. Learn to play and learn whilst playing. These sculptures are toys. When handling parts, new harmonies arise: unexpected shapes, unforeseen coincidences, rhymes and counterpoints between forms and hollows.


They are works that require manipulation, that need to be grasped. I find beauty in the different ways the sculptures can be modified to create something new, and there is poetry in the transient moments where the sculpture is not simply one thing, but is becoming another. Beauty from that moment is only achieved by touching and moving the sculpture. Move it! The part and the whole are one.'    - Pablo Bruera.


Born in Montevideo in Uruguay in 1972, and currently working in Barcelona, this is the first solo show of Pablo Bruera's kinetic sculptures in London.


The critically-acclaimed artist, whose creations are featured along Barcelona's Las Ramblas, uses the most rigid of materials to celebrate fluidity. Through carefully jointed shapes of aluminium and steel in bold reds, blacks and whites, Bruera explores the relationship between positive and negative space, solids and air, parts and wholes, edges and voids. Encouraging interaction with the hinged structures, Please Touch! invites the viewer to revere the display with intimacy, rather than distance.