Holly Zandbergen

'As an artist I wish to use paint as a medium to explore the connection between the mark and idea.' - Holly Zandbergen


Holly Zandbergen's landscape paintings, whilst reflecting on particular moments in the natural world, are also informed by a sense of the present moment, its changeability and possibility.


Originally from New Zealand, Zandbergen's practice is rooted in figurative traditions. And yet her confident mark-making, through impasto layering of oil paint, reveals the multiple workings of a human response. As unexpected veins of bright hues intermingle with a more organic palette of whites, blues, greens and browns, each mark on the canvas reveals a different momentum in Zandbergen's application. Her record of the physical world around her is a highly personalised vision.


Zandbergen was shortlisted for the New Zealand Art Show Emerging Artist Award, and went on to exhibit at the National Open Art Competition at London's Royal College of Art. There she was selected for the Prudential Best Young Artist Award. In 2016, one of her works was selected for the Columbia Threadneedle Exhibition, and toured to Florence's Palazzo Strozzi.