‘My work is focused on the human figure. There is always a body, a face. That is the excuse, the starting point. A basis of portraits and poses upon which to experiment. And in the process,  to tell a small story.


I work almost exclusively in oil and charcoal, painting and drawing, sometimes using collage - often with unorthodox materials. I like the direct contact that these techniques provide, and to use them in combination usually leaves ample scope for randomness. It is essential that the work retains a dose of surprise for myself. Perhaps that is why I don't do sketches. I understand that the work gains freshness with uncertainty.


I am interested in the small changes that can be made surrounding the everyday, the unveiling of the apparent. To carry this out, I make cutouts - giving emphasis to the uniqueness that the human figure holds for me -, and various pictorial gestures, which can provide a greater field for fantasy.’ - Julio Alan Lepez


Julio Alan Lepez graduated from the National School of Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredón, Buenos Aires, in 1997. A fine oil painter, he takes his practice beyond traditional canvas surfaces. Destabilising the softness of his painterly lines, he depicts his subject matter on striking cut-out board. The gentle touches of colour and suggestions of form are juxtaposed with the crisp silhouette of the complete image. Bold in outline, the shapes and shadows on the wall play with and against the faces and figures they portray, which are often obscured, Janus-like, ambiguous.