Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery - The Age: Entertainment Featuring David Frazer

Linda Morris, The Age: Entertainment, June 28, 2014

'After graduating from art school, sometime in his mid-20s, David Frazer tried emulating the revered balladeer Paul Kelly.


Frazer wanted to write the kind of songs that would make people cry, and win public adulation as a rock star idol along the way.


It turns out Frazer was too impatient for songwriting, and he couldn't find subjects he cared enough about to write the kind of poetry that would bend an audience to his will.


Frazer instead became a karaoke act, and then moved on to acting, but didn't find much success there either beyond a few bit parts in films and commercials.


''I was really bad at showbiz,'' says Frazer. ''My last gig was as a gorilla spruiking customers outside a cafe in Sale, and I thought, 'I can't get any lower than this', and that's when I retired and thought, 'maybe art is something I'm best at'."