Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery - The Crawford Arts Review Featuring Barbara Hoogewegen

Sally Crawford, The Crawford Arts Review, May 6, 2014

'Barbara Hoogeweegen's paintings, based on photographs she has taken of her subjects, seem to deal with the unsaid, perhaps the unsayable.

On the surface, they are well executed, small-sized (average dimensions 32 x 26 cm) works of mothers and their mostly teenage children in the idealized urban setting of Notting Hill. Using oil on board and a subdued palette, the artist shows us the immaculate interiors, the well-groomed Tabithas and Justinians, the light pouring in at well-scrubbed windows, the family dog - and yet.

Underlying all this, written in to the calmly worked brush strokes, there is loss, whether by death (mother or child) or parting (grown up child leaving home, parents getting divorced).'