Songlines XXXI: Wing: Group Show

1 July - 30 August 2019 London

Over the course of three decades, we have established an international reputation through our ground-breaking exhibitions of Australian Aboriginal art. The gallery’s annual Songlines season of exhibitions has introduced the work of many important Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists to British and European audiences.


This year’s exhibition explores the representation of birds in Aboriginal culture. It brings together work by artists from different communities - artists working in diverse iconographic traditions and employing different media – painting, printmaking, carving, textile. Birds hold a richly significant position in Aboriginal culture, and these works reflect the broad spectrum of that power, and proclaim its enduring resonance.


Amongst the artists featured are: print-maker, Janice Murray; the outsider artist, Trevor ‘Turbo’ Brown (1967 - 2017); Rover Thomas (1926 - 1998), Australia’s representative at the 1990 Venice Biennale; leading Ngukurr artists Sambo Barra Barra and Amy Johnson; Elcho Island carver Judy Manany; textile artists Dulcie Sharpe and Roxanne Oliver.