Erotica Requires a Feather: Liza Campbell

4 November - 23 December 2019 London

Lady Liza Campbell is irresistibly drawn to the overwrought visual world of Victorian melodrama. She adapts, subverts it, and makes it her own.


Campbell is a Scottish-born London-based artist. She takes found vintage etchings and antique photographs, and then re-works them using ink and acrylic in bright, psychedelic formations. Her re-working, which she defines as 'tampering', 'meddling' and 'monkeying', is also felt in the way that she re-titles each work: a sardonic caption written across the bottom of each engraving in the artist's hand, the text humorously re-contextualising the image. Campbell’s work allows her to digest social difficulties by laughing at them.


Raised in Cawdor Castle, amongst old things, Campbell moved to London aged 17, and studied Art at Chelsea College of Arts.  Since then her artistic practice has also included engraving, embroidery and collage. This is Liza Campbell’s second exhibition at the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery.