Photographs of the Burrup Peninsula: Askin (Ric) Morrison

21 April - 30 May 2015 London

The Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery presents an exhibition of work by Victoria-based photographer Askin (Ric) Morrison, which focuses on the troubled relationship between the man-made and the natural in Western Australia's Burrup Peninsula.


The selection of photographs includes salt-pan stretches, rock formations, flora and fauna, urban fringes and industrial development. The latter sits poignantly alongside powerful images of Aboriginal rock art. Home to a sacred songline of approximately one million ancient petroglyphs, including the first artistic representation of a human face, the Burrup Peninsula is caught in a battle of competing visions. Those who regard the landscape as a precious heritage site must overcome Western Australia’s resource giants.


Rebecca Hossack is an active campaigner for the preservation of the peninsula. Having made the three-day bus journey to visit the area in 2013, she has established close working ties with the local community.