Surrounded: Morten Lassen

8 October - 1 November 2014 London

The Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery presents a vibrant portfolio of Danish-born Morten Lassen’s abstract canvases. The Copenhagen-based artist’s creations are characterized by an expressive immediacy that results from his working on many canvases at a time without the use of preparatory sketches or plans. Each work emerges organically within a group over several months from a process of oil paint layering and experimentation, during which the canvases undergo dramatic colour development. It is this that makes the finished product so compelling: a subtle grid of a variegated texture and striking combinations of black with blues and reds with chalks, sealed with bold neons.


Lassen’s work has been exhibited extensively in the UK, Scandinavia, Germany and Australia and is housed in many private and corporate collections. The Wall street Journal hailed him as an artist ‘to watch’ in an article on contemporary Fine Art investment. Inspired by the meeting of natural and digital worlds and the overwhelming pulse of modernity’s ‘mental traffic’, Lassen strives not to depict how things look, but how they feel.