People Watching: Sherry Karver

3 - 27 September 2014 London

Karver uses photography, story telling, photo montage and hand painting with oil glazes to evoke a sense of mystery and intrigue. Karver manages to accurately capture the hidden curiosity within us all by observing crowds, analysing strangers, and carefully noting personal details to unravel a stranger’s story. 


‘My current series of photo-based work originates from photographs I have taken on city streets in New York, Paris, and at Grand Central Terminal. I am expanding and shifting the parameters of traditional painting & photography by combining them with digital technology, narrative text, and resin surface on wood panels. By blending these mediums, it enables me to push beyond their conventional boundaries to create a new hybrid.’


Her work speaks directly to, and plays with, this uniquely post-post-modern alienation and the idea of loneliness in crowded spaces; it allows us to look at those who surround us, and notice their poise, their expressions, and their unique energy that makes them who they are during a single moment.