G.W. Bot at Billy Reid, NYC

Over decades I have been trying to understand the 'languages' of the nature around me. From a multitude of sketches I have delineated a language of the Australian bush that I have called Glyphs 

The Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery presents an exhibition of 'Glyphs' by Australian artist and print maker, G.W. Bot, at the NoHo New York store of award-winning American clothing designer, Billy Reid. 
The Canberra-based G.W. Bot has developed her own pictorial language of signs and 'Glyphs' to capture and communicate the essence of the ever-shifting Australian environment - with all its extremes of fire and flood, drought and florescence. 
Exclusive to the Billy Red exhibition, G.W. Bot has created a new work, Glyphs - Tree of Life.  Bot's work is defined by its use of the recurring motif of the Tree of Life.  In this new piece, colour is used sparingly and the viewer's attention is drawn to the central black glyph, the tree.  Of Glyphs - Tree of Life, Bot states: 'As in life, there are no real answers, only questions that each individual viewer is called upon to resolve.'
A connection to nature and creation lies at the heart of Bot's work. It also forms the crux of Billy Reid's ethos.  From his studio in Florence, Alabama, Reid's designs reflect his fundamental values of sustainability, craftsmanship and quality.
G.W. Bot has exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally. She has had over 50 solo exhibitions, including shows in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles. G.W. Bot has participated in over 200 group and invitational exhibitions. She is the recipient of numerous commissions and has been awarded residencies in Europe, Asia and Australia. Her work is held in many galleries around the world, among them the National Gallery of Australia, the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum.
The exhibition continues the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery's longstanding presence in New York, in addition to its London gallery and new Miami site.