Life in Lockdown: Andrew Barrow

10 December 2021 - 2 February 2022 London

Andrew Barrow creates collages rich with narrative and wit. For his new show at the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery, Barrow brings together paper works he has created over the last eighteen months of lockdown. These images pull together found papers from everyday life to form unlikely narratives. A Fisherman's Friend boat is docked next to a referendum result chart; a witty take on current affairs. In these pictures Barrow calls the viewer to take a closer look at the relics of domesticity, a fish finger wrapper or SpecSavers logo, than they may ever have before. Barrow’s collages are a glorious celebration of the quotidien and the inane.


Andrew Barrow’s distinguished creative career extends from a brief stint as a stand up comedian to a brilliant career as a novelist and writer (his comic masterpiece The Tap Dancer won the Hawthornden Prize). His distinctive collages have been exhibited globally, and have won many admirers including Sir Paul Smith. As Peter York  (Harpers & Queen's)  sagely noted  ‘no kitchen is complete without an Andrew Barrow’.