Help! I Need Somebody: Iain Nutting

2 - 26 November 2016 London

Former assistant to Turner Prize winning sculptor Antony Gormley, Iain Nutting’s reclaimed scrap metal works question the division between urban materials and natural territories.


His latest exhibition focuses on endangered animals – orangutans, komodo dragons, spix macaws - with the colours and finish of each sculpture's materials as they are found by Nutting. 


The juxtaposition between the organic forms of the animals and the raw, utilitarian texture of their media becomes a commentary on modern encroachment on natural habitats. As each sculpture fuses the man-made and organic, Nutting’s work is a poignant reflection on the way that technology threatens the natural world. Yet by using reclaimed materials, he also emphasises one way that man can care for the planet. The exhibition will also feature earlier works from the 1980s, when Nutting's interest in issues of conservation were first developing.


Nutting’s show in London follows exhibitions of his work in Singapore, Sydney and Paris.