Dione Verulam: Recent Work

5 - 29 October 2016
Conway Street, London

'I am inspired by moments, for example riding in the Pyrenees in the footsteps of the Duke of Wellington or watching a shepherd in Rajasthan. Then there is searching for truffles in Italy or a seaside holiday in Cornwall. For many years we enjoyed holidays in Scotland and the hills and the beaches and the call of the wild has had such an influence.' - Dione Verulam


From curry planting in Ramathra to slumbers in the Pyrennean hills, beachside repose to truffle hunts, Dione Verulam's latest works present a travelogue of memories from holidays and journeys. The hunt and hound motif that characterised her earlier work is transposed to new landscapes, the palette shifting to warmer hues. Using her old monoprints, lithographs, etchings and watercolours to create each collage, as well as antique book-binding papers, the works are resonant with several layers of retrospection. 


Starting her creative career working alongside her mother trading Verona Stencilling, Verulam then co-founded the Gorhambury Group and under its tutors, studied painting. She has had a solo exhibition at The Fleming Collection and was selected to exhibit with the New English Art Club. This is her second exhibition with the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery.