Tracked: Morten Lassen, NYC

8 September - 6 October 2015

'My paintings can be seen as an abstract expression of the chaos inherent in both physical and digital tracks, as well as a snapshot of the air which surrounds us.' 

- Morten Lassen


In ‘Tracked’, Morten Lassen probes further the collision between the digital and the natural charted in his earlier series. Razor-edged blacks and electric neons meet organic scratches and scribbles, loosely worked color, open white. His paintings become spaces in which the interaction between these two states plays out, with a special focus in this latest series on the lasting marks these moments leave behind. Every individual leaves not only a physical footprint, but also one built from signals, charges, codes and data, creating contours defining who we are and allowing our movements to be mapped out through history. Using oil and spray paint on canvas and the new medium of paper, Lassen forces the question: what imprint are we making, and who, or what, is tracking us?


Lassen's work has achieved a wide following. In 2011 the Wall Street Journal - in an article on contemporary Fine Art investment - hailed him as an artist 'to watch'. He has paintings in many public and corporate collections including Danske Advokater, the Ministry of the Interior and Health, IBO, Herlev, Den Danske Bank, Haderslev and Ålborg Universitet.