'Whilst colour is an important part of my work, it is actually my second favourite element of the creative process. I love drawing lines above all else. I always wanted to paint, but I didn't want to give up the ability to draw lines'.  - John Holcomb


The paintings of Kansas-based John Holcomb are energised by confident line and clear silhouettes. And yet, the bold simplicity of his mark-making originates in a complex web of cultural and artistic influences. Fauvism and Old Master's Holland meet Grant Wood and American Regionalism, as Holcomb draws on the imagery of America in a lost time.


Holcomb's use of riotous hues modernises his subject. The play of light as it falls across each figure's face is abstracted to a jigsaw of rainbow shades, the sun in the sky a spot of unexpected colour.


Holcomb has exhibited across the USA at art fairs in New York, San Francisco, Miami and Palm Springs, as well as in Singapore, Hong Kong and Paris.