Raphael Avigdor

Raphael Avigdor's passion for photography began when he got a job as a fashion photographer’s assistant at the age of 18. Since then he has honed his art over three decades, and used it to document his travels in South America, Asia, and Africa. In images of compelling power and clarity he records different cultures and peoples, always looking to capture a story amidst the flux of life. 


For his most recent project Avigdor went to one of the least visited parts of Africa. He traveled through the Sahel Desert Belt of the Southern Sahara Desert in Niger. He was able to photograph the extraordinary Neolithic Rock Art left by the historic indigenous inhabitants of this once-fertile part of the Sahara. But beyond these records of the distant past, he was drawn even more strongly to the ongoing life of the country, its distinct tribes, clans and peoples.


Avigdor’s work has been exhibited extensively in the U.S. - at the Lawrence Gallery in East Hampton, N.Y.; at the Spectrum Miami Art Show; and at Art Boca Raton.  Avigdor has also produced and directed two award-winning documentary films.