"A desire to be elsewhere is the central theme of my work. I approach the experience of Unfulfilled Desire as a condition in which Heimweh (longing for the known) and Fernweh (longing for the unknown) intertwine. The urge to leave behind inevitably implies loss and farewell. I want to make the metaphorical boundary perceptible that isolates the here and now from other realities - past, future or imaginary.


In the series called Saudade I represent this boundary as a physical one. A view is shown from behind the rain-covered or sun-lit windscreen of a car. Thick drops dance over the screen or are smashed against the side, swept away by the wipers. The film of water and the reflection of the sun on the otherwise invisible glass partly deform the view. This perturbing layer is always present, in between here and elsewhere. The screen uncovers the world that is longed for and excludes it at the same time.


In my most recent work glowing mountain tops draw the eye towards infinity. The reflection of the red sunlight by the snow-covered summits just before sunrise or after sunset announces the coming revolution, but its origin is not yet visible or not visible anymore. The volatility of the phenomenon expresses the unreachable desire."


- Esther Nienhuis