Mersuka Dopazo: Jardín de Papel

1 March - 2 April 2017
Mott Street, New York

Mersuka Dopazo sees her works as a ‘travelogue from unexpected territory’. The Spanish artist creates large-scale naïve-style collages using fabric and hand-made, natural papers. These specialist textures are sourced all over the world directly from the craftsman, from locations such as Italy and Spain.


Often densely patterned, the papers and fabrics are juxtaposed with gestural line, pigment and areas of gessoed white canvas, the collages exploring the balance of colour and the relationship between positive and negative space. Unexpected connections form between clashing textures and motifs and between the regularity of pattern and the free form of broken graphite and improvised colour. Contrasting modes of creativity are illustrated - rhythm and order versus sinuous spontaneity. 


Dopazo's works have been exhibited extensively in the UK, the USA, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and Europe. Her first exhibition in New York, Jardín de Papel coincides with the prestigious Art on Paper New York art fair, which is part of the city's Armory Week. The world's leading fair for works on paper, Dopazo will also be exhibiting several major pieces with the gallery here.