Based in the highlands of New South Wales, Zoe Young's paintings are marked by her eclectic use of colour and sharp eye for unique landscape and still-life compositions. 


The self-taught artist uses textured, pastel tones in acrylic paint combined with dramatic shadow to reflect an emotive response to her environment.  Following an exhibition at The Art Society, Southern Highlands, in which Young was in the final stages of pregnancy, her methodology 'turned her eye to the more natural and slower things in life'. In her latest body of work, the influence of her rural surroundings is clear, and each work is rich with allusions to art history, literature, fashion, travel and folk art, interiors and design. Vases of flowers, stacks of glossy magazines, figurines, tea cups, beads, semi-peeled fruit - the accessories of the artist's studio space - also feature. Each painting is as much an observation of individual objects as a revelation of the composite nature of Young's vision.


Young is a seasoned finalist in the Archibald Portraiture Prize, selected in 2014 with her portrait of Olympic Snowboarder Torah Bright and again in 2016 with her portrait of Indigenous Australian model Sam Harris. Within her portraiture and still life works, Young has truly excelled and established herself as one of the forefront painters within a new generation of Australian artists. She received the 2013 John Briscoe Memorial Prize judged by Lucy Culliton and was Runner Up in the 2014 Yen Young Female Artist of the Year Award, with her portrait of Winter Olympian Frank Prihoda.